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  • Volcanic Ash Mud Baths a Mainstay at Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs

    Posted February 19, 2020
    The Calistoga, California mineral hot spring resort is as much a Napa Valley attraction as the famous grape growing region that surrounds it. Founded in 1952, Dr. Wilkinson’s signature hot spring mud baths remain a centerpiece treatment at the modern wellness resort.
  • Plan a Personal Wellness Retreat to Joyful Journey Hot Springs

    Posted February 19, 2020
    Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa in Colorado’s San Luis Valley is a deeply spiritual place with powerful connections to nature. Its lithium-rich waters, hands-on healing therapies and unique accommodations are just some of the qualities that render this geothermal location a top choice for an impromptu wellness retreat.
  • Iron Mountain Hot Springs: The Goldilocks of Thermal Springs

    Posted January 27, 2020
    Situated on a terraced hillside along the river in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the 16 geothermal soaking pools at Iron Mountain Hot Springs give guests an opportunity to sample and discover their perfect soaking experience.
  • Castle Hot Springs: An Arizona Hot Springs Legacy

    Posted January 24, 2020
    Located in the rugged mountains north of Phoenix, Castle Hot Springs is an oasis in the desert Southwest—after more than a 40-year hiatus, the hot springs resort returns to its deeply planted luxury wellness roots.
  • Moccasin Springs: Rising from the Ruins

    Posted January 16, 2020
    A personal quest for healing combined with a background in property management, sales and investments and real estate renovations uniquely prepared Moccasin Springs owner Kara Hagen to revitalize and reopen a geothermal hot spring located in the scenic Black Hills. 
  • The Glen Ivy Experience 

    Posted January 13, 2020
    Glen Ivy is a world-renowned hot springs resort and spa in Corona, California offering visitors a breadth of wellness experiences—an oasis in the desert. It’s a place that soothes the soul as much as it relaxes the body.